Are You Willing to Give Up To Get What You Really Want – Move Your A$$ Monday #30

This week Warren asks: What small sacrifices are you willing to make in the short-term in order to achieve great results in the long-term?

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Move Your Ass Monday #30 – What Are You Willing to Give Up To Get What You Really Want?

Hi this is Warren Greshes and welcome to, “Move Your Ass Monday!”  I’m here to eliminate all the excuses, get your week started on a high note and make sure you reach your fullest potential.

The other night I was watching TV and saw a commercial for Immodium AD, an over the counter medication that has been used for years to treat diarrhea.

What got me was: the voice on the commercial was recommending Immodium AD for people with persistent, constant or chronic diarrhea.  This stuff is not a cure; it’s a quick fix, till the next time it happens.

If this is a constant problem for you how about looking at your life style and some of the crap you eat.  Most likely all it would take would be a small, long-term sacrifice; a small change in your eating habits and this problem could go away.

The only thing that I’ve ever eaten or drank in my life that gave me heartburn was coffee.  So guess what I did?  Right, over 20 years ago I cut it out and I stopped getting heartburn.  Did I like coffee?  Yeah I did; but I hated heartburn a heck of a lot more than I liked coffee.

The point is, it just seems much easier and hassle free to do the old quick-fix and pop a pill, so to speak.  No sacrifice involved on your part.  But the problem is, for the things we really want in life, you will have to make some kind of long term sacrifice to achieve them.

It’s hard to almost impossible to lose weight, and keep it off, without changing your eating habits along with a consistent exercise program.  It’s extremely difficult to achieve financial independence without some short term sacrifices such as eating out, expensive vacations, $5 cups of coffee, fancy cars, etc., that will allow you to invest more in your long term future.  And don’t even think about going into your own business unless you’re willing to lay it all on the line and sacrifice everything you have in order to achieve long-term, long-lasting success.

But, if you just want to “Pop a pill,” live for today and worry about tomorrow at some other time, that’s fine too.  It’s your choice.  Just don’t complain when the bill comes due and you’re running to the bathroom with pains in your stomach.

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2 Responses to “Are You Willing to Give Up To Get What You Really Want – Move Your A$$ Monday #30”

  1. Don says:

    Me and my staff came to the NATDA show In Dallas and really enjoyed your presentation . We came out of there charged up and my crew really got what you spoke about . I also bought your DVD series and enjoy them very much . Thanks for the Monday morning ass kicking.

    Don Walker

  2. Prashant says:

    hi, m inspired with ur videos thanx for monday morning ass kicking but i hv one ques. that creates very much prob in my personal life for which m not able to improve myself in what i want to get success. my prob. is that whenever i used work or striving in any field i totally got scared n backing out …..everytym i saw myself that i hv potential to do eventhough m getting something unusual with me………..try to help me……on my gmail id

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