Successful People Live Off-Peak. – Move Your A$$ Monday #24

You can’t be one of the crowd if you ever hope to stand out from the crowd. In this week’s video, Warren talks about what successful people do to differentiate themselves from everybody else.

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The Warm-up letter – Sales Prospecting #13

Is it helpful to send an introductory letter to each person telling them you will be following up with a phone call? In this video you’ll find the answer is not as cut and dry as you might think.

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Success Stories From The Trenches – Increased Income 40% in 3 Years!

Welcome to our newest feature on the Success Blog:  “Success Stories From the Trenches.” I want to hear from you! Send in your personal success stories to be featured in our Tuesday Quick Tip.

I’m pleased to announce our 1st Success Story comes from Randy, a Regional Sales Manager from West Palm Beach, Florida.  Randy says:

“I have been listening to your audio programs and attending your webinars for about 3 years now. I have worked hard to apply everything that you teach. I wanted to personally thank you for the positive impact you have made on my sales career and my management style. Over those three years I have received a promotion, earned President’s Club in my company, and increased my income 40%!”

Thanks Randy.  I’m glad to accept some credit, but pretty much all the credit must go to you: You’re the one who took action.  Congratulations!


Tuesday Quick Tip – Selling is All About Odds

Welcome to “The Tuesday Quick Tip.” Every Tuesday, I’ll be publishing, on this blog, a short, 1 to 2 paragraph tip to help you achieve success in your life, business or career.  You can also receive “The Tuesday Quick Tip,” by email, along with our weekly videos and a free “Time Management Workbook,” when you sign up for a free subscription to my email list.


In sales the odds are always against you.  More people will say “No,” than “Yes,” whether you’re calling for an appointment or trying to close a sale.  Successful salespeople understand their odds of success and constantly try to bring those odds down.

For example, have you ever done any fundraising?  If you have, you know that if you’re looking for $25 or $50 contributions, you send out a post card, email or post it on facebook.  Why: because the market for that size contribution is huge and you only need a ½ of 1 percent return. If you were looking for a two, three or five hundred dollar donation, you’d make a phone call since that market is much smaller, dictating at least a 10% return.  But, if you wanted a ten thousand or fifty thousand dollar donation you’d make sure you got in front of that person, because that market is miniscule and you better close 1 out 2, or 1 out of 3.  Here’s the question: What rate of success are you looking for in your sales effort: 5 out of 100, 1 out of 10 or 1 out of 2?  That should tell you the best way to approach your market.

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The Company You Keep – Move Your A$$ Monday #23

In this week’s video Warren speaks about the importance of surrounding ourselves with positive people of high character in order to conquer the roadblocks of negativity.

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