Positive Living: The Essential Laws of Success – Move Your A$$ Monday #16

The essential laws of success have proven their value for centuries. However, very few people study and apply them consistently. Warren gives you 4 rules to live by.

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Allow Your People to Make Decisions – Leadership Tips #1

Warren shows you how to increase sales and improve customer service by pushing decision making down to the people closest to the customers.

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Tuesday Quick Tip – Current Clients: Your Best Prospects

Welcome to “The Tuesday Quick Tip.” Every Tuesday, I’ll be publishing, on this blog, a short, 1 to 2 paragraph tip to help you achieve success in your life, business or career.  You can also receive “The Tuesday Quick Tip,” by email every week when you sign up for a free subscription to my email list.


Don’t want to make any cold calls?   Then why aren’t you prospecting within your clients’ companies?  Current clients are your best prospects and not just for repeat business.  They’re your best source of referrals and, more importantly, they represent easy entree to other units, divisions and subsidiaries of the parent company.  I know many business people who made, and continue to make a great living prospecting their way through 1 or 2 large organizations.

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The Sad Passing of Common Sense – Move Your A$$ Monday #15

The problem with Common Sense is; it’s not very common. Watch Warren lament its untimely, premature death.

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How to Ask for And Receive More Referrals – Selling Tip #7

Warren gives you 3 ideas you can use immediately to obtain more leads and referrals from your clients.

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