Duplicate Your Best Customers and Beat Price

No matter how much evidence there is to the contrary, I still run into far too many salespeople, executives and business owners who believe their best shot at doing business is by selling price.

As a keynote speaker, I have talked until I’m blue in the face about how most customers are looking for extraordinary quality, service, convenience and value. How the ability to save people time and make their lives easier is one of the biggest benefits you can deliver to your customers. Why, in this era of customer confusion, with far too many choices, companies that deliver knowledge, expertise, information and education are making themselves indispensable to their clients. Yet, there are still those clinging to this ridiculous price argument.

I’ve always asked salespeople and business owners committed to price to tell me about their best customers. And they’ve always told me about people who “trust us to do the right thing for them” or “know they receive the best quality and attention” or “keep them informed and up to date about our latest services” or “expect us to be timely and efficient.”

Now here’s my question to those of you who sell price. If the above paragraph defines your best customers, are you saying that these loyal people who contribute mightily to your bottom line are idiots? Because nowhere are you saying that your best customers buy from you based on price. Do you really believe these people are stupid, because their primary concern was not the lowest price? Or is it something else?

Could it be that you like selling price because it’s easy? And that maybe what it takes to duplicate great customers is just too hard to standardize? And instead of admitting that you don’t want to do the hard work and effort it takes to duplicate these great customers, it’s just easier to convince yourself that price is the way to go?

Well, now of course this stuff is hard; if it were easy, everyone would do it. But just think; devising a system to duplicate your best customers is probably the best way to differentiate yourself from the competition (and beat price). Yes, it’s a slower process than selling price, but selling price means lower profits and higher customer turnover. Wouldn’t you much rather do the hard and reap the rewards of long term gain and loyal customers?

Remember, when price wins your best customers lose.

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