Everything Needs to be Planned – Move Your A$$ Monday #28

This week Warren speaks about why you need a written, focused direction and plan for your life and career.

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Move Your Ass Monday #28 Everything Needs to be Planned

Hi this is Warren Greshes and welcome to, “Move Your Ass Monday!”  I’m here to eliminate all the excuses, get your week started on a high note and make sure you reach your fullest potential.

If you’ve ever had, or wanted to have a house custom built, would you consider doing it without a complete set of architectural plans?  After all, if you have an experienced builder, couldn’t you just tell him what you want?  Besides, it would save a lot of time not having to wait for plans to be drawn up.  Don’t you think, after years of experience, your builder could build a house from memory?

I’ll bet it could be done, but do you think it would come out exactly the way you want it?  Plus, don’t you think the time you would have saved not drawing up a plan, would be squandered by all the time you’ll waste having to redo the mistakes; not to mention the money wasted?

Yet, isn’t that how far too many people live their lives?  We are in such a hurry to have everything now, that we consider stopping to formulate a plan something that will only slow us down.  When, in reality, the little bit of time we invest up front to create a written, focused direction and plan, ends up saving us far more time in the back end by not leading us in directions we don’t want to go: which happens when we “wing it.”

Another benefit of planning is: it helps us understand that the things we want most in life take time.  I wonder; how many people give up on their dreams because they didn’t plan; have an unrealistic idea of how long it should take to achieve; and, when it doesn’t materialize immediately, give up, convinced it can’t be done?

Formulating a plan also helps us decide what our true priorities are.  It enables us to clearly define what sacrifices need to be made in order for us to achieve what we want.  It also allows us to decide whether or not we’re willing to make those sacrifices, which, in turn, helps us decide whether what we say we want out of life is truly what we want.  Imagine how much time and frustration you can save by not chasing a dream you didn’t really want in the first place.

Whether it’s a career change; starting your own business; quitting your job to stay home with the kids; saving for retirement; picking up and moving to a new location; or, picking the right college or university; the ability to sit down, take a step back and invest some time in creating a written, focused direction and plan with pros, cons, priorities and sacrifices, can only increase your odds of success.

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