Getting the Paperwork Done

In early June, I posted an entry titled Winning Referrals. I wrote it because of a number of questions I received on the subject from Ira, a property and casualty insurance agent.

Ira emailed me again to say that he’s getting more referrals and business is up but now, as a result of this new business and increased activity he has another problem: organization. But I’ll let Ira explain it himself in his email and after that I’ll give you my solution to the problem.


I am getting a lot more referrals these days and have done a much better job at staying in front of my clients. I am actually now running into another problem…. Organization! (or lack of….) I have to do all my own quoting and paperwork, and I am finding that I am spending a ton of time in "non-sales" activities, and less time selling….. I am still about a year away from hiring someone to do much of the administrative "stuff" for me, but I could certainly shorten that window and make a ton more sales if I wasn’t so bogged down with all the paperwork……

Love to hear your thoughts on this one……



This is one of the most common problems salespeople face and it’s also one of their favorite excuses. “I’d love to sell more, but I have so much paperwork, I have no time to sell."

No problem. Simple solution: Stop selling; you’ll have no more paperwork. Of course, you’ll have no more clients either.

That said try this: don’t do paperwork during selling time. Remember paperwork time is infinite. You could do paperwork at 2AM or on the weekends. Selling time however is finite. You can only be selling when the customers are around. So don’t ever let me catch you doing paperwork when you could be either talking to or in front of a prospect or client.

Yes, this will require you working longer hours in the short term, but in the long term, your sales will increase dramatically enabling you to hire administrative help.

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