Warren was a hit…I’ve gotten back numerous “thank yous” from all over the globe and it was quite apparent that Warren didn’t disappoint!

-Christopher O’Boyle, Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing
Evapco, Inc


Warren did a very good job communicating the message that EVERYONE SELLS. His message was clear, to the point and timely.

-Rob Nardi, Director
Jack & Jill DSD


Warren is the best motivational speaker I’ve ever seen in any show! I saw him at the Power Summit where he got a standing ovation. He was phenomenal! I went ahead and bought all of his CDs for the company.

-Mark Bennett
All-Ways Advertising Company


I just wanted to tell you that Warren hit a major home run this week; I’ve received so much positive feedback already about his presentation in person and via e-mail from attendees. A couple said that he was the best speaker they had ever seen.

Soon, I’ll be looking at where else we can slate Warren this year. San Diego or New York might be possibilities, so I’ll get back to you soon.

-Nicole Rollender
Executive Director, Professional Development
Advertising Specialty Institute


Just wanted to say thank you for bringing Warren Greshes to Impact. His talk on Friday was very powerful and extremely relevent. It would be great to see him at another major conference.

-Amway, Kentucky conference attendee


About two months ago, you had given me advice and coaching on how to increase the number of sales calls my team was entering into our CRM-Salesforce.com.

My team was not using our CRM program on a consistent basis, and I also was not being consistent in my reporting and inspecting of this area of my business.

You gave me the advice to “post” a weekly ranking of the number of sales calls each sales rep was making, and to be consistent with my postings.

I followed your advice exactly like you had suggested, and it worked!

My team has made a significant improvement in their CRM compliance and the number of sales calls they enter on a daily basis.

I wanted to personally thank you for advice and I appreciate your help to the Sales Community.”

-Randy Hansen
Regional Sales Manager
HD SUPPLY Facilities Maintenance


Warren delivered the keynote presentation at our National Sales Meeting and was snowed in for three days, so my team probably has spent as much time with Warren as anyone has! The depth of his personal warmth, energy and authenticity was experienced by everyone and two years later his presentation is still a guiding force for our team. Warren’s style is personable, humorous and spot on target for constructing, or renewing, a high-powered sales force.

–Dave Dallam
VP Sales, North America
Hu-Friedy Mfg. Co


Warren’s session was high energy, uplifting and motivating. Warren cutomized his keynote address to our business priorities, which left our group charged and inspired, with tools to help them stretch beyond their current expectations.

We were also very impressed with the fact that Warren volunteered to attend our rehersal as well as mingle and network with our delegates at our reception the day prior to our event.

–Bob Lackner
Manager, Market Performance


We have had the pleasure of working with Warren on several programs over the years. Warren’s unique style and right to the point message works well with our organization. His rapid fire cadence combined with his experiences and anecdotes tie together well. Our team leaves the meeting with actionable ideas and plans and with a fired up, can-do attitude.

–Bob Crostarosa
Senior VP of Marketing/Advertising
TBC Retail


As keynote speaker at our National Sales Meeting, Warren’s message and delivery were spot on. I still have sales representatives commenting on his presentation four months later; his message of “save me time and make my life easier” is exactly what our organization needed to hear.

We recently followed up on Warren’s message by sending the sales force a copy of Warren’s book, and I have received many calls thanking us for the book and the experience. We had the pleasure of Warren’s company for several days due to a severe winter storm during our meeting, allowing everyone to get to know Warren more closely; in the minds of our entire team he is a consummate professional, excellent speaker, and all-around great guy.

–Dave Dallam
VP Sales
Hu-Friedy Mfg. Co., Inc. North America


I was compelled to tell you how much I enjoyed your post today. Your words really inspired me and I appreciate your dedication to helping people succeed.

–Adrienne Wurtzer


Just a note to say your presentation for the Landstar family at the convention in Orlando, FL was a HUGE success! Everyone left that meeting on a very high note and pumped up. We are still using some of your sayings during our everyday conversations especially as it relates to NOT selling price

–Ike Tate
VP Sales
Landstar Express America, Inc.


Everyone I talked to here about your talk to our managers loved it! You made many of the key concepts that we practice here really come to life. It was great for our team to hear you reinforce many of our values!

Needless to say I got a lot out of your lively and entertaining presentation too!

Thanks again for making a real difference!

–Randy Repass
West Marine


Warren’s presentation was insightful and enthusiastic! His focus on the key strategies of driving sales and profits was extremely beneficial to our franchisees to take back to their businesses and execute immediately!

–Kim McBee
Director of Marketing
Big O Tires


Mr. Greshes in his book, “The Best Damn Sales Book Ever: 16 Rock-Solid Rules for Achieving Sales Success!” is the FIRST author, person, etc., to ever get me off my a$$ and write down my short-term and long-term goals – not the realistic ones, just the ‘real’ ones for me and my business.

My family can attest, I have a huge library of sales, marketing, and self-improvement books and tapes and I’ve read and/or listened to all of them at least once. Never have I been so moved or affected by such a piece. Thank goodness I upgraded for a .99 to the AmazonOnlineReader immediately after placing my hard copy order, since I knew I didn’t want to wait for it to arrive. I literally could not stop reading this unexpectedly “in-you-face doctrine” and read the entire book online in one afternoon! Not only do I now have personal and professional goals = 2008———————2018, but I am just finishing up my entire Business Action Plan. I have never had more focus, vision or excitement concerning me and my business and where we are now going – what an eye-opener.

This book more than lives up to its title and provides the necessary S.O.S. so many would-be Entrepreneurs and Business people need to achieve the personal and professional success they desire. The first chapter alone on Attitude and Commitment is more than worth the investment of the entire book and should be read and coveted by EVERY parent, supervisor, coach or anyone else in any type of Leadership role.

–Deb Lindley


This was a much anticipated, much needed speech and the evaluations show you did a great job!

–Elizabeth Sell
Managing Director
AAA Travel


The proof of any speaker is always in the personal comments from the audience. You opened your discussion with “who’s he?” Let me assure you that there is a palpable “buzz” among our sellers about Warren Greshes.

–Stephen Zonars
General Manager
ThisWeek Community Newspapers


Wow – I heard absolutely fantastic reviews about your presentation, how accommodating you were, what a great person you were! I’m sorry I didn’t get the opportunity to meet you, but thank you so much for such a successful event!

–Debbie Frank
Sr. Marketing Events Manager
Psion Teklogix, Americas