Stop Watching The News

Stop watching the news! Come on folks is this what we’re destined to become? A nation of bad news junkies? And the reason I say this is because every time I turn around someone is telling me how bad it is out there.

Well guess what, we’re the only ones who can make it better!

And I’ll tell you another thing, there are salespeople, entrepreneurs and business owners out there right now that haven’t even had the time to look up and witness a recession. Why? Because they’re too damn busy opening up new markets, capturing market share and beating out all the competitors who have been scared off by bad news.

Listen, for 26 YEARS, from 1982 until September of 2008 the U.S. economy was in a recession for a grand total of 16 months! In other words, we are coming off of 26 total years of economic prosperity; the longest economic boom in the history of the United States, which is amazing. But therein lies the problem.

Most salespeople and business owners have been order-takers for decades.

Let’s face it, when business was booming did you really have to sell? Or did you just sit around waiting for the phone to ring or the door to open?

The big problem for far too many salespeople and dealers is they only know how to sell this way. They’re still sitting there waiting for the phone to ring (which it’s NOT) or the door to open (also NOT).

What is needed right now is a strategic attitude change when it comes to goal-setting, client relationships and prospecting for new business.

I am in the business of motivation and aggressive business development. Getting professionals of all stripes to take action in their lives, careers and businesses is what makes me tick. And with all the negativity every where you turn, I want to make an extra effort to get my programs into the hands of people like you.

My programs will help you create a game plan for your life, career or business and get back that crucial confidence you need to make 2009 a big winner. I promise you that.

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2 Responses to “Stop Watching The News”

  1. Chris Bumgarner says:

    Say it ain't so, Warren!
    You're discounting your price? Whaaaaattt???
    Your stuff is so great, it doesn't need to be discounted.

    My hero is breaking my heart!!!!

  2. Thanks! I needed that! I have at least one of your programs already, and it's definitely time for a review with my economic-colored glasses on. A new perspective will glean new insight from the information!

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