Supercharged Selling: 08 A Blueprint for Your Life (MP3)


What You Get

  • Supercharged Selling:
    08 – A Blueprint for Your Life Audio Program (mp3)
  • Supercharged Selling:
    08 – A Blueprint for Your Life Workbook (PDF)
  • Audio Length: 00:28:12
  • Download Size: 23.5 MB



This comprehensive, 10 module audio program for sales managers and sales people is guaranteed to end any sales force motivation problems. Supercharged Selling is the high-octane kick you need to re-energize the pursuit of your dreams. Warren Greshes shoots straight from the lip and straight at the heart of the matter. No abstract theories here, just plain talk and career-boosting truths.

Announcing a powerful new system guaranteed to end your sales motivation problems.

  • Module 1: The Winning Attitude
  • Module 2: Customers Vote with Their Feet
  • Module 3: The Power of Commitment
  • Module 4: The True Definition of Success
  • Module 5: Do Whatever It Takes
  • Module 6: See Yourself Successful
  • Module 7: Make Your Goal A Reality
  • Module 8: A Blueprint for Your Life and Career
  • Module 9: Working your Plan
  • Module 10: Persistence: Sustaining the Effort


Once you’re all fired up, explore Warren Greshes’ career-changing, self-motivation method in this audio program that you can review on personal time – at home or between calls.


You can establish your own goals and apply Warren Greshes’ message to your own life in the 88-page action guide.

Key Program Results

  • Increased sales
  • Comprehensive and lasting motivational training
  • Saves sales time
  • Saves your time
  • Saves training and sales dollars
  • Improves retention and application of training.


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