‘Consumer Advice’


Getting the Life You Want

Planning ahead is the key to successfully transitioning from two incomes to one. Most people think they can’t do this because it’s not affordable. Learn: why it’s more affordable than you think. 4 steps to affording your dream lifestyle. Specific tips to make it easier to “Stay home with the kids.” The allure of being a homebased entrepreneur is hard to resist, isn’t it? Whether you’re deciding on a business or have already started up, these 19 timely tips will guide you through your homebased journey.


Don’t Be Afraid to Tell Your Story

When faced with misinformation you have two choices, either take it lying down or fight back. Great companies fight back and reclaim their credibility when beseiged by an army of the ill-informed. Warren illustrates his experience with one of the largest tire manufacturers in the USA, and at one point the most embattled. Listen to the message he got across to them, and why he was invited back!


Delivering Memorable Customer Service

Most companies look at customer service as a cost and not an investment. No matter how good you are at what you do if you’re not gaining (and retaining) customers through attittude & committment you’re losing them through indifference! Listen in as Warren explains the true wants of customers and the mistakes so many companies make as they get stuck on process and not on providing solutions.


Fight For Your Rights as a Customer

Some companies abuse our trust, take our money, and give us nothing in return. When we ask for something out of the ordinary, they come up with all sorts of reasons why they can’t do it. Why? Because we let them. Listen to Warren’s tips on what you can do to fight for your rights as a customer, and WIN!!!

Listen to Warren give you five specific, easy to implement ideas that will put money in your pocket and stop bad companies from taking advantage of you.

Warren continues his advice on fighting back by showing you how to shame companies into giving you “free stuff.” Also, listener questions on sales, job hunting and starting your own business.


Travel Tips from a Road Warrior

Warren showcases a piece in the Wall Street Journal on the “business of language.” Listen in as Warren explains how english fluency in China is allowing highly skilled Chinese professionals to compete for coveted U.S. jobs, and why U.S. workers have become far too complacent to compete in the global marketplace.

For the central topic, Warren takes experiences from his twenty years on the road (mostly in the sky) to impart tips on how to make business travel less stressful.