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Make More Money or Spend Less – There are no Other Choices – Move Your A$$ Monday #31

This week Warren speaks about priorities and the small sacrifices you need to make today in order to have a FAR brighter tomorrow.

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Move Your Ass Monday! #31 – Make More Money or Spend Less: There are no Other Choices

Hi this is Warren Greshes and welcome to, “Move Your Ass Monday!”  I’m here to eliminate all the excuses, get your week started on a high note and make sure you reach your fullest potential.

I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of all the whining: from politicians, media dopes and from the general public.

I keep hearing “The middle class is getting squeezed.”  But it seems to me as if the middle class is squeezing themselves.  The same way we excoriate congress for spending more than they take in, and blowing our hard earned money on projects and programs that are nothing more than jobs programs for the marginally employable, how many of us are doing the same thing?

When I was a kid in the late 50’s and early 60’s, I lived in a 2 bedroom apartment in Brooklyn with my parents and sister.  I shared a bedroom with my sister.  We had one bathroom; one TV with 7 channels; no car; no air-conditioning; no dishwasher, washing machine or dryer.

We never took a vacation that involved an airplane.  In fact, I don’t ever remember us taking a vacation that lasted more than a long weekend.  In the summers, I went to a free day camp run by the school system or, just spent the days playing ball with my friends at the local school yard.

Yet, back then, we were considered middle class.  Today, anyone living under those conditions would be considered dirt poor.  We have come to a point where things that not that long ago were considered luxuries are now considered necessities.

I find it very hard to feel sorry for people who earn a good living but constantly blow their money on “Crap.”  Here’s the point: stop whining and either find a way to make more money or figure out how to spend less, and that shouldn’t be too hard.  For example:

Does your 10 year old really need a cell phone?  Yes, I know you’re going to give me the “Security” argument.  OK, even if I buy that, which I don’t, why does the kid also need text-messaging?

Do you really need to spend upwards of $25 to $30 a week on coffee?  The same people who complain about $4 a gallon gasoline are paying FAR more than that on coffee!!!  Heck, they’re paying far more than that on bottled water.  I know people who complain they can’t save money, but could have funded a 401K very nicely on what they spend on water and coffee.

How come a $2 to $3 thousand Disney World vacation is a priority but health insurance is not?  If you can’t afford to save for your retirement or kids’ college education do you really need satellite TV, with HBO to boot?

People are moaning about having to spend as much as $50 extra per week on gasoline.  Here’s an idea: eat out one less time per week and that pays for the gasoline.  Or, how about eat out two less times per week and pay for the gasoline and send one kid to college.

Eat breakfast at home before you go to work and make yourself lunch at home and bring it to work.  That alone could save you $10 to $15 a day.

This boils down to four things:

1)      Personal responsibility – take control of your life and finances, because if you don’t nobody else will and the consequences will not be pretty.

2)      Sacrifice – the small sacrifices we make upfront will allow us not to have to make HUGE sacrifices in the future.

3)      Priorities – When you don’t have health insurance, life insurance, retirement savings or a college fund for your kids; but you do have new cars; go on expensive vacations; eat out 4 or 5 times a week and spend as much on coffee as you do on gas, what does that say about you and your priorities in life?

4)  The ability to think long term – I would much rather endure short term pain for long term gain than do the opposite.  That $25 to $50 you save every week on stuff you don’t need;  could live without; and wouldn’t miss at all, could be the difference between a more comfortable retirement or working till they carry you out feet first.

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What’s Your Priority Your Team or Your Life – Move Your A$$ Monday #26

Why are so many people more concerned about the success of their favorite sports rather than their own success in life? Maybe it’s easier. But is that an excuse? Warren doesn’t think so.

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Confidence – It Only Come From Doing – Move Your A$$ Monday #25

Confidence is a by-product of action. Let Warren show you how to develop confidence in your ability to accomplish anything you choose.

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Tuesday Quick Tip – Successful Salespeople Do Not Sell: They Help

Welcome to “The Tuesday Quick Tip.” Every Tuesday, I’ll be publishing, on this blog, a short, 1 to 2 paragraph tip to help you achieve success in your life, business or career.  You can also receive “The Tuesday Quick Tip,” by email, along with our weekly videos and a free “Time Management Workbook,” when you sign up for a free subscription to my email list.


Successful salespeople do not sell: they help.  Their attitude is: I can not help you unless I get to see you, and I certainly can’t help you unless you buy something from me.  Successful salespeople really believe that what they do helps the people and clients they do it for.  That’s what makes them so successful and that is also what makes them such high earners.  Money is a by product of this belief system.

Top salespeople believe they are the best at what they do; they believe their company is the best at what it does; and, they believe their products and services are the best.  As a result of this belief and commitment, top salespeople not only feel it is their obligation to make sure clients buy from them, but, truly believe that if they allow a client or prospect to buy from the competition, they have done that client a horrible disservice by allowing them to buy second best.


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Successful People Live Off-Peak. – Move Your A$$ Monday #24

You can’t be one of the crowd if you ever hope to stand out from the crowd. In this week’s video, Warren talks about what successful people do to differentiate themselves from everybody else.

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