Sales: 5 Keys to Being the Best

Twenty-five minutes of sales & success straight talk guaranteed to wake you up and get you moving to THE TOP. At a recent keynote, Warren was asked, “What are 5 things that salespeople do to get to the top?” Not only does Warren answer this in full, he even gives examples of how he and his wife have used these techniques just recently to book a number of speeches with Allstate Corporation, a Fortune 50 company with over $149 billion in assets.


Referrals: The Lifeblood of Sales

As a salesperson or business owner you have a choice when it comes to bringing in new business: you can either make hundreds of cold calls every week or you can make sure you always have a continuous supply of qualified referrals. Not much of a choice, huh? Of course, filling up that pipeline is easier said than done. Listen to Warren discuss proven methods for generating so many referrals you’ll never have to make another cold call.