‘Overcoming Objections’


Prospecting Tips: #4 How to Turn Around Objections

Anticipating and turning around objections is just one of the many topics I’ll be covering in my 90 minute webinar, “Prospecting Skills to Increase Your Sales,” on Thursday, February 24th, 2011 at 12 Noon EST..

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Prospecting Tips: #1 How Much Rejection Do You Need?

Rejection is just one of the many topics I’ll be covering in my 90 minute webinar, “Prospecting Skills to Increase Your Sales,” on Thursday, February 24th, 2011 at 12 Noon EST.

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Warren Greshes Prospecting Skills Webinar February 24th

I’m thrilled to announce that I’m kicking off 2011 with a new “Prospecting Skills to Increase your Sales,” webinar.  The date and time is February 24th, 2011 at 12 Noon Eastern Standard Time, (11AM Central, 9AM Pacific). If you are interested in getting more appointments, seeing more prospects and increasing your sales sign up right now. All you need to take part in this 90 minute session is either, a phone, a PDA, a laptop or a desktop.

Sales executives constantly tell me the biggest reason their salespeople aren’t doing enough business is: they’re not talking to enough people. They’re not making the calls, they’re not getting in the door and in front of prospects and consequently the pipeline is empty and that means no future business.

Selling is rejection, plain and simple. The top salespeople can deal with it, the rest can’t. They don’t see enough people because they fear rejection. They fear rejection because they don’t know how much rejection they need. After this webinar is over, I guarantee you’re going to be able to handle rejection better than at any time in your career.

I believe this could be the most important and critical seminar you will ever attend. In these economic times prospecting is the most important thing you can do, because if you’re not doing it, you could be out of business or out of a job.

In this webinar, Prospecting Skills to Increase your Sales, we’re going to cover six important areas of prospecting.

1. Why you need to prospect and generate consistent every day activity.

2. How to handle rejection by understanding how much rejection you need.

3. How to prepare for and make the prospecting call,

4. How to anticipate, handle and turn around objections,

5. How to “sell more appointments” and consequently close more sales.

6. Specific practice techniques guaranteed to make you better.

If you want to sign up right now, go to our sign-up page.

If you attend this program, use the Action Guide included with it, and implement the ideas you learn, here’s what will happen:

  • You will walk away with an easy to implement phone script that will enable you to control the conversation anticipate and turn around objections better than ever and get you in the door!
  • You will be given a simple, easy-to-use call counting system that will allow you to avoid slumps and know your success ratios for every step of the sales process.
  • This call counting system will teach how to handle rejection better than you ever have, which will enable you to;
    • Make more calls
    • speak to more decision makers
    • sell more appointments, and make more presentations and, the greatest benefit of all
    • Close more sales and make more money

During this 90 minute webinar, which you can attend either via phone or webcast you will have the opportunity to ask me any questions related to your prospecting effort. In fact, you’ll have the opportunity to send in questions before and during the event. So sign up now and start giving some thought to what questions you want answered.

I’m sure you’re wondering, “What’s all this great information going to cost me?”  To attend this seminar your total investment is $79. But wait, if you register before February 15th, you only pay $69. But, if you want an even better deal, sign up 5 or more people from your company and get 25% off, leaving you with a cost of only $59 per person.

And that’s not all.  THERE’S FREE STUFF!  Aside from an informative, entertaining and idea packed 90 minutes, here’s what else you will receive for your investement:

  • A 23 page pdf Action Guide complete with;
    • Call counting system
    • An easy-to-follow step by step script development template
    • Turn-arounds you can use for your most common objections, plus many more valuable tips
  • A digital Mp3 recording of the entire session which you can download to your computer and listen to as much and as long as you want.
  • A free copy of my online audio program, Supercharged Selling: The Power to be the Best.

So sign up now and join me on February 24th, 2011 at 12 Noon EST for a session that’s guaranteed to jump start your sales effort.

To your continued success!

Warren Greshes


The Excuse Of Market Saturation

I just received a very interesting question from Davida Roth. You might remember her; she’s the Mary Kay Consultant whose blog comment I used in my last article. Unfortunately, like far too many people these days, Davida finds herself surrounded by the worst kind of people: negative excuse makers.

However, I’m absolutely shocked that she is still able to see the real truth so clearly. If you don’t believe me, just check out her latest correspondence.

Mr. Greshes,

I was wondering if you could address the idea of "market saturation". In a Co. such as mine (Mary Kay) where we have no territories is this a valid issue?

The Internet has given many failed MK Consultants and Consultants from other Direct Sales companies a new platform to express their skewed views on why they failed. It is NEVER their fault or responsibility and the main idea that is repeated over and over again, like a mantra is that the "market is saturated". So instead of owning up to the fact that they WON"T do what it takes to build a customer base, they say it CAN’T be done. Drives me crazy because I’m starting to hear higher- ups voice this same idea to justify their lack of success! Are their a lot of Consultants in the US?. .. You betcha!…. Do we have competition from other companies?… Certainly! But my feeling is that the term "market saturation" is the crutch of the lazy salesperson. But I am not the expert,

So I’m asking you- Am I the one off track here, is it possible for a market to be saturated? I’d love to get your opinion and if it’s okay, I’d love to share what you tell me on a WAHM forum that I participate in. I’ve already directed the women who post there to your website on another occasion and will do so again. Thanks for you help with this question and for your kind response to my blog posting.


Davida, I couldn’t have said it any better myself. Of course it’s an excuse. Remember, most people in sales look for any excuse NOT to sell.

Now is there such a thing as market saturation? Of course! One of the many problems of the airline industry was over capacity; there were far more seats than passengers. Of course, when the government keeps giving out taxpayer money to failed companies you end up with more airlines than you need. But now, through mergers, consolidations and streamlined schedules that problem is going away.

Is there market saturation among Mary Kay and other Direct Sales consultants? I’m not sure, but I doubt it. And I very much doubt whether any of those people who claim the market is saturated know what they’re talking about. Do you think any of them commissioned a study by a market research firm in their area? What do you think?

You all know as well as I do what happened. This is standard operating procedure for all excuse makers. They ask one or two people to buy. The first prospect says, “Oh, I really don’t have any money right now, and besides, with the economy the way it is, I’ll probably be cutting back.” The second person they talk to says, “You’re the third person who’s approached me about this in the last month. Boy, there seem to be an awful lot of you.”

That’s all the excuse maker needs to hear. After an exhaustive study of two people, the excuse maker is now convinced that a) Nobody is buying and, b) There are more consultants than customers, so why bother. They have the excuse they wanted. What, you thought they were looking for sales? Remember, excuse makers are more interested in “Not failing,” than in succeeding.

You see the excuse maker always needs a reason or a scapegoat. It’s a heck of a lot easier than looking in the mirror at the real culprit. But the excuse makers can be very useful. After all, as long as they’re around there really is no competition.

So Davida, distance yourself from the excuse makers. Surround yourself with people who think like you do. Oh and by the way, find out the areas where the excuse makers claim there’s no business and go there, because I’ll guarantee you there’s money to be made and there’s NOOOOOOO competition.


Prospecting Seminar DVD Now Available

With the release of my new DVD, Prospecting Skills That Work, I’d like to thank everyone for their feedback and comments over the past year about my earlier audio program on effective prospecting, Don’t Count The Yes’s, Count The No’s. It was the success of that program which prompted me to do an educational (and entertaining) hour-long seminar on prospecting and have it released on DVD. Make sure to check out the video clip below. You can also for the purchase page.

In my new video, you’ll learn to:

  • Overcome call reluctance to always reach your goal.
  • Develop a powerful script for setting more appointments.
  • Use an accountability system that is easy to implement and use.
  • Handle objections more effectively than ever before.
  • Stay consistently motivated and form positive new habits.
  • And much more …