Time & Territory Management

Is your territory so large or your client list so long that you can’t seem to get to everyone? Do you find it hard to open new accounts when you’re bogged down in paperwork from the old ones? This week, let Warren show some quick and easy ideas to: maximize your client list; develope a formula for seeing the right clients most often; get your paperwork while actually seeing more people than you thought possible. Don’t miss this!


It Ain’t Work if You Love Doing It

What does the game of squash and jump-roping have to do with entrepreneurship and success? Everything! Listen in as Warren relates two real life business examples that embody the idea of “loving what you do.” Also, the Armchair Millionaire’s guide to capitalizing on a windfall. Don’t miss it!


Delivering Memorable Customer Service

Most companies look at customer service as a cost and not an investment. No matter how good you are at what you do if you’re not gaining (and retaining) customers through attittude & committment you’re losing them through indifference! Listen in as Warren explains the true wants of customers and the mistakes so many companies make as they get stuck on process and not on providing solutions.


Travel Tips from a Road Warrior

Warren showcases a piece in the Wall Street Journal on the “business of language.” Listen in as Warren explains how english fluency in China is allowing highly skilled Chinese professionals to compete for coveted U.S. jobs, and why U.S. workers have become far too complacent to compete in the global marketplace.

For the central topic, Warren takes experiences from his twenty years on the road (mostly in the sky) to impart tips on how to make business travel less stressful.