Tuesday Quick Tip – Stop Touching Everything!

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Stop touching everything! Over the years, I’ve seen way too many managers, executives and business owners who have this annoying and destructive need to be involved in everything being done by the people that report to them.  I know they do it because they believe they can do everyone’s job better than they can.  Maybe they can, but there’s NO WAY they can do all these jobs at the same time while also trying to do their own.  At some point, your people stop doing their jobs because they’re waiting for you to do it for them.  In addition, your own work and production suffers.

You hired people to do a job: LET THEM DO IT!  If they can’t do the job, replace them.  But if, for example, you’re going to do your assistant’s job, then why does the company need to pay you a manager’s salary while also paying your assistant?  They might as well get rid of the assistant, make you the assistant and lower overhead by saving a manager’s salary.


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