Tuesday Quick Tip – Successful Salespeople Do Not Sell: They Help

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Successful salespeople do not sell: they help.  Their attitude is: I can not help you unless I get to see you, and I certainly can’t help you unless you buy something from me.  Successful salespeople really believe that what they do helps the people and clients they do it for.  That’s what makes them so successful and that is also what makes them such high earners.  Money is a by product of this belief system.

Top salespeople believe they are the best at what they do; they believe their company is the best at what it does; and, they believe their products and services are the best.  As a result of this belief and commitment, top salespeople not only feel it is their obligation to make sure clients buy from them, but, truly believe that if they allow a client or prospect to buy from the competition, they have done that client a horrible disservice by allowing them to buy second best.


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